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Pet Health Insurance - Trupanion™

On occasion, a client will be unable to treat their sick or injured pet due to financial constraints, even if the pet is young and otherwise treatable. Any unexpected bill can be difficult, veterinary costs included. This is where pet insurance is worth taking a closer look at. 

Manchaca Village Veterinary Care has no direct affiliation with pet insurance companies, but has increasingly been working with Trupanion Pet Insurance through our common clients. Manchaca Village Veterinary Care’s (MVVC’s) clients are reporting a positive experience with Trupanion, so we are happy to pass this information along to you, so that you can make an informed decision.


Here are Trupanion's most attractive features:

1. Customizable Plan — You can enroll with a low monthly premium and no deductible, or customize your plan to fit your budget.

2. One Plan — The policy covers surgeries, diagnostic tests, meds, treatments, and hospital stays if your pet gets sick or injured. Also, they reimburse you directly from MVVC’s veterinary bill so no predetermined benefit schedule is involved.

3. 90% Coverage — Trupanion's policy covers 90% of the bill you receive from MVVC for approved accident and illness claims, less the exam fee, taxes, and optional deductible. Terms & conditions apply.

4. No Payout Limit — Your pet receives unlimited lifetime healthcare coverage. Trupanion's policy does not impose any per incident limits, annual limits, or lifetime limits on the amount of care your pet can receive.

5. Accidents are OK — There are no premium penalties for making claims.

6. Earlier Starts are Best — Premiums do not increase with age. So if you insure a kitten or puppy, you’re locking in that lower premium for the life of the pet.


Some other helpful resources are below. Please feel free to ask the staff at Manchaca Village Veterinary Care about how a policy can help you and your pets medical needs.